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Welcome to the Dawson County Recruiting page. Information provided is to help you in the process of college recruiting. Make sure to download a full copy of the guide listed below. This is a great way to learn what you and your player will need to do in order to prepare for the college football recruiting process. This process starts in your 9th grade year and continues through your senior year. Start early and follow up often. Email Coach Baloga if you hve any questions. [email protected]

List of schools by division. 
Division 1 FBS Schools                                   
Division 2 Schools                             
Junior Colleges                    


Football Recruiting Guide. Download or View Here

Football Recruiting Guide

Freshman Year
  Download the College Recruiting Guide from the website.
  Ensure your grades and classes are in line with NCAA requirements.
Sophomore Year
  Attend football camps that align with your abilities
  Send film via e-mail link to colleges of interest, if you have quality VARSITY film.
  Ensure your grades and classes are in line with NCAA requirements.
  Make sure you are exhibiting behavior that would make a college have interest in you.
Junior Year
  Take the ACT / SAT(as many times as possible)
  Register at the NCAA Eligibility Center (Your interaction with Colleges will be limited unless you do this)
  Attend football camps that align with your abilities and college interests.
  Communicate via Twitter, e-mail, text or phone with college coaches of interest.
  Send film & athletic resume to as many colleges as you can. Make sure that they match your athletic & academic abilities. 
Senior Year
  Re-take ACT / SAT as many times as needed.
  Communicate with college coaches and programs.
  Ensure your grades and classes meet NCAA standards.
  Send film & athletic resume to as many colleges as you can. Make sure that they match your athletic & academic abilities. 
  Take as many unofficial visists as possible to colleges you are interested in attending. 
  Official visits will come in January of your senior year if the school is interested in recruiting you. 
The player/family is responsible for:
** Hard work in the classroom. Be eligible to play football! **

Display great character, work ethic, and commitment in the classroom, in the hallways, on the practice field and game fields, and in the community.

Be a team player first! Nobody wants a selfish player.

Work hard in the off season, in the summer, and be an "all the time player".
Don’t disappear in the summer and then show up the first day of practice. You will be cheating yourself.

Display your ability and potential on every play that you are on the field. (practice or game)

Play any position you can! Find a way to be on the field.
 You need film to show colleges.
  Your athletic ability will be obvious to the scouts.
  If you play a certain position in high school, it does not mean you will play there in college.       
  They will recruit you for the position they feel you can help their program. 

Take the SAT/ACT as many times as possible.Colleges will "super score" your test (combine highest section scores)


Meet all college level eligibility requirements.

Complete the NCAA Clearinghouse Documentation.

Complete the FAFSA Financial Aid Documents.

Assemble and mark your weekly highlights in HUDL.
 Create a highlight film in HUDL. Make sure to check with Coach Baloga after you create this. 
Create a Twitter account.
  College coaches use Twitter as a main contact source. 
  Make sure you follow all coaches who are interested. 
  Keep Twitter positive and clean of all nonsense.
  Use your full name and not a nickname so scouts can locate you. 

The coaches will do the following:
All student - athletes will be well coached and cared for each and every day.

All student - athlete prospects will have their highlight film critiqued for effectivness.

All student - athlete highlight films will be provided to colleges across the country, along with academic scores, test scores, and contact information for the player.

All student - athletes will be promoted by talking with college coaches that visit, calling college coaches, and showing film of players to college coaches.

All student - athletes will be promoted with a positive yet honest assessment of the player's ability, commitment, work ethic, and character to all college coaches.

Review HUDL highlight video with players

Please remember, the coach does not get you a scholarship. All of the above information combined gets you a scholarship! The job of the coaches is to promote and advertise all prospective student-athletes. College coaches come to Dawson County FIRST when they visit North East Georgia because of past athletes who are currently playing in college, the academic success and athletic accomplishments of the program.

Make sure you are prepared and have what is needed to be a candidate!!
Dawson County High School Football